Presentations and Video from the 4th Global Forum

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Opening Session

Welcome Remarks from the World Health Organization (video)
Mario Raviglione, Director, Global TB Programme, World Health Organization (Switzerland) 
Chinese BCG pioneers for TB prevention
Ping Chen, Director of NIAID Office in China, Office of Global Research, NIAID, US NIH (China) 
Main challenges and achievements of TB control in China
Lixing Zhang, Honorary President, Chinese Anti-Tuberculosis Association; Honorary member, International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease; Professor, Beijing Research Institute for Tuberculosis (China) 
Keynote Address (video)
Glenda Gray, President, Medical Research council (South Africa)  

Plenary Session 2: Immunopathogenesis of Tuberculosis

TB vaccine antigen selection
Joel Ernst, NYU Langone Medical Center (USA)
Cytokine responses to TB: Implications for pathogenesis 
Katrin Mayer-Barber, NIAID/NIH (USA)
Exsudative lesions and encapsulation determine the development of human pulmonary tuberculosis and supports the need for experimental modelling in big mammals
Pere-Joan Cardona, Institut Germans Trias i Pujol (Spain)

Breakout Session 1: Immunopathogenesis and Novel Mechanisms of Vaccine Activity

Lung resident and the circulating pro-inflammatory MAIT cells characterize pulmonary tuberculosis
David Lewinsohn, Oregon Health & Science University (USA)
Searching for the mechanisms of protection and attenuation of MTBVAC
Carlos Martin, University of Zaragoza (Spain)

Breakout Session 2: Epidemiological Research

Future trends in TB epidemiology in China and the potential impact of novel TB vaccines targeted at older individuals: A modelling study
Rebecca Harris, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (UK)  

Satellite Session: Global TB Vaccine Partnership

Global TB Vaccine Partnership: Moving towards tuberculosis vaccine global portfolio management
Ole Olesen, European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (The Netherlands) 
Global TB Vaccine Partnership: experimental medicine
Helen McShane, University of Oxford (UK) 
Portfolio Management: Process and strategy in a global context
Barry Walker, Aeras (USA)  

Morning Session 1: New Horizons in Challenge Studies for TB vaccine R&D: Human challenge and low-dose NHP challenge models 

Developing a human challenge model for vaccine testing
Sarah Fortune, Harvard School of Public Health (USA)   

Plenary Session 3: Biomarkers and Correlates

Potential of HLA-E as a novel presentation molecule for vaccine design against TB
Tom Ottenhoff, Leiden University Medical Center (The Netherlands) 
Immunodiagnosis of TB disease
Gerhard Walzl, Stellenbosch University (South Africa) 

Immune correlates and the development of a growth inhibition assay

Helen Fletcher, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (UK)

Breakout Session 4: Novel Antigen Delivery Strategies
Enhanced protective immunity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis by single mucosal vaccination with a recombinant Sendai virus  vectored vaccine is associated with robust secondary  CD8+ T cell responses in the lung
Zhidong Hu, Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center (China)

Randomized double-blind placebo-controlled phase 1 trial of intranasal TB/FLU-04L tuberculosis vaccine in BCG-vaccinated healthy adults aged 18 - 50 years
Marina Stukova, Research Institute of Influenza (Russia)

Plenary Session 4:  Concepts and Approaches in Clinical Research and Development

Testing novel concepts through clinical trials
Tom Evans, Aeras (USA)
Respiratory mucosal boost immunization: A new approach to protect against pulmonary tuberculosis 
Xuefeng Yu, CanSino Biotech (China)
Community mobilization for a phase IIb adult TB vaccine trial in western Kenya  
Grace Kiringa, KEMRI (Kenya)  

Breakout Session 5: Next Generation TB Vaccines and Vaccine Concepts

TBVAC2020: a unique pipeline for the discovery of novel TB vaccine candidates
Olivier Neyrolles, CNRS-University of Toulouse (France) 
Recombinant influenza A viruses expressing CD4+T-cell epitopes induce protective immunity against M. tuberculosis and boost immunity to BCG
Warwick Britton, University of Sydney (Australia)  

Breakout Session 6: Clinical Research: Data and Findings

DAR-901 inactivated whole cell mycobacterial booster vaccine: Phase I dose escalation study  
C. Fordham von Reyn, Geisel School of Medicine (USA)
Development of a phase 1 human study to evaluate AdHu5Ag85A vaccine delivered by aerosol
Fiona Smaill, McMaster University (Canada)
From Mouse to Man: Safety, immunogenicity and efficacy of a candidate tuberculosis vaccine ID93+GLA-SE
Rhea Coler, Infectious Disease Research Institute (USA) 

Morning Session 2: Developing TB Vaccines for What Purpose? Prevention of Disease, Prevention of Infection, and Immunotherapy Indications

Prevention of infection, prevention of disease, and immunotherapy
Mark Hatherill, South African Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative (South Africa) 
Potential population level impact of new TB vaccines: Prevention of disease, prevention of infection, and immunotherapy
Richard White, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (UK) 

Plenary Session 5: TB Vaccines in Clinical Development

BCG-based whole cell vaccines
Stefan H.E. Kaufmann, Max Planck Institute of Infection Biology (Germany) 
TB vaccine development using recombinant viral vectors
Helen McShane, University of Oxford (UK)
TB subunit vaccines, memory and immunity in the lung
Peter Andersen, Statens Serum Institut (Denmark)  

Plenary 6: Regulatory and Access Issues for New TB Vaccines

The research on preclinical evaluation of tuberculosis vaccines 
Miao Xu, Institute for Biological Products Control/National Institutes for Food and Drug Control (China)

Developing new TB vaccines: Regulatory considerations
Roshan Ramanathan, Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, Food and Drug Administration (US)

Regulatory and Access Issue for New TB Vaccines
Morakot Papassiripan, Biologics Sub-division, Food and Drug Administration (Thailand)
Access considerations in the development of vaccines to address immunization needs in low resource settings
Lucia Fernandes Aleixo, Médecins Sans Frontières (China) 

Closing Session

Global Plan to Stop TB 2016-2020
Jon Lidén, Stop TB Partnership (Switzerland)
David Lewinsohn, Oregon Health & Science University (USA)

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